Per Henrik Adolfsson has been a multidisciplinary artist for over a decade. With a fine arts degree from Institut Superior de Disseny and with a vast experience in photography and graphic design he has over the years developed a distinct artistic expression that is strongly reflected in his work.

Adolfsson creates surrealistic dreamscapes mixing photographs, drawings, cut-outs from old magazines and whatever visual treasures he stumbles upon, often with the computer as a final composition tool. 

Barcelona has been his creative platform for the last ten years and most of his professional works have been realised there. He has worked for such renowned brands as Lee Jeans, Vice, Coca-Cola and Nokia and appeared in a number of magazines, most notably Time Out and METAL.
Adolfsson’s last themed art project ‘Coup de Grâce’ was highly acclaimed and had a sold out exhibition at gallery ’La Plataforma’ in Barcelona 2016.